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Special purpose property appraisals are commercial properties that have a specific intended use.  Fast food restaurants, convenience stores, gas stations, hotels, retirement centers, hotels, motels, churches, auto related uses, car washes, truck stops, club houses, and schools are all examples of special purpose properties. These appraisals require an understanding of the market dynamics for the specific use and may require a going concern appraisal and an estimate of furniture fixtures and equipment in addition to the real property appraisal.   


Oil Change Facilities - Countywide Portfolio

National Fast Food Restaurant - Coastal Market Area

Regional Pancake House Restaurant - Inland Market Area

Tire Store - Coastal Market

Car Wash Appraisal -  El Cajon

National Auto Rental Property - Inland

Community Club House - Central County

Triple Net Retail Leasehold  -  North Park Area

Auto Sales Lot with Triple Net Leasehold  - Pacific Beach

Auto Storage & Auto Repair Facility - Kearny Mesa

Regional Auto Repair Facility - Kearny Mesa

Regional Grocery Store - Coastal Luxury Market

Past Special Purpose Property Appraisals


Boutique Hotels
Hotel Land
Private School Appraisals

Retirement Centers

Large Ocean Front Land Tracts
Equestrian Centers
Orchard Land
Vineyard Land
Movie Theater Conversion
Gas Station Portfolios Along the I-5
Truck Stop Properties
Airport Land
Cell Towers